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Mosh Practice

Hobbies,Music 19 August 2015 | Comments Off on Mosh Practice

Though some of us are a little old for it now, it’s no secret that punk rock songs, especially songs from The Clash and other popular bands, are able to get people’s blood moving. The music gets their bodies moving too, sometimes right into each other with collisions, concussions and the like. That’s moshing for […]

Packing Food for Concerts

Health,Hobbies 5 February 2016 | Comments Off on Packing Food for Concerts

Packing Food for Concerts

Have you ever tried to take food or refreshments with you to a concert, show or performance? If you have, the odds are good that you were turned away and told to return empty handed, or the food was just confiscated at the door before you were granted entry. Sure, sure, they say this is […]

Trailers – An Important Part of a Good Movie

Hobbies,Moviemaking 9 November 2015 | Comments Off on Trailers – An Important Part of a Good Movie

A few years back watching movies was a completely different experience. About three decades or four from now the multiplexes were in only in the minds of their pioneers and single theatres ruled. The pop corns and sizzlers were two very different from what we get today in the finely furnished food corners of our […]

Make Your Own Clash Memorabilia

Hobbies,Music 6 November 2015 | Comments Off on Make Your Own Clash Memorabilia

We here believe that music is one of the best things humankind has come up with. It’s not just about its beneficial effect on our brains, but also about all those emotions it can introduce you to. Listening to music will sometimes make you feel sad, sometimes happy, and sometimes even angry, but what all […]

Best music for your aquarium videos

Hobbies,Music,Relaxation 3 September 2015 | Comments Off on Best music for your aquarium videos

While music certainly provides a host of benefits, especially helping you relax, there are other ways, which also provide relief from stress like watching fish in an aquarium or underwater video. When you combine the effect of moving fish and music, you get a wonderful blend, which is soothing to your senses and has a […]

Rhythm Outside of Music

Hobbies 18 August 2015 | Comments Off on Rhythm Outside of Music

Rhythm is a word which comes up often when people are discussing music. But did you know that there are plenty of other places and situations outside the context of a musical performance or song where rhythm still plays a major role? Think about it – even simple things like walking around or climbing stairs […]

The Best Party Pools

Hobbies,Reviews 7 August 2015 | Comments Off on The Best Party Pools

It’s the hottest time of the year right now and it’s no surprise more people are hitting up pools, ponds and other swimming holes here and elsewhere. In fact, a bunch of us recently got together and threw a pool party of our own to celebrate the fair weather and spend some time outdoors. It […]

Benefits of music in golf game

Hobbies,Music 6 February 2015 | Comments Off on Benefits of music in golf game

Music as far as I’m concerned is the best thing that has evolved in our life over time. It has become interwoven with our lives completely. I see people listening to music, while doing their routine activities right from going for a morning jog in the park to going to sleep.  The different styles, instruments, […]

Songs to Listen While Longboarding

Hobbies,Modern Music,Music 1 August 2014 | Comments Off on Songs to Listen While Longboarding

The feeling of excitement and exhilaration you get when you ride a longboard cannot be explained with mere words. I love to longboard no matter where I do it. Sometimes I longboard in parks or parking garages, in flats, banks or even the big mountains, when I feel like I need some relaxing time. The […]

Benefits of Music while Exercising

Health,Hobbies,Music 30 July 2014 | Comments Off on Benefits of Music while Exercising

Keeping fit has become an important part of our lives now. I see more and more people taking conscious effort to keep their body fit and stay healthy. The rise in lifestyle diseases had certainly opened people’s perception on exercise and fitness. I can see people of all age groups when I attend my CrossFit […]