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How Music Affects Your Brain

Science behind Music 13 July 2014 | Comments Off on How Music Affects Your Brain

Music has been known to bind people across borders, race, nationality, culture or color. A tool for expressing and communicating emotions and feelings, or a message, music is not bound by the technicalities like language. For most people music is a way of relaxing, just being, be it listening to your favorite tracks, or composing […]

Music over guns

Music,Science behind Music 1 December 2015 | Comments Off on Music over guns

The earth is a wonderful place. It is made up of some really wonderful stuff. Some say that it is the creation of the God almighty who has blessed with the eternal joy of the very existence and the boon of life so that we can enjoy ourselves and the beauty of this world and […]

Learn guitar easily with LED lights

Science behind Music 10 August 2015 | Comments Off on Learn guitar easily with LED lights

Learning guitar is easily done by most people, but in spite of this many beginners do not get past the initial stage and give up on it. While reasons like lack of sufficient time and the hurt caused to fingers while playing are commonly given for beginners quitting on learning guitar, lack of practice is […]

Notes that connect music and exercise

Music,Science behind Music 26 June 2015 | Comments Off on Notes that connect music and exercise

Exercise without music is no fun at all. Hardly do you see a person without his earphones on at the gym. Some even go to the extent of not keeping to their regular schedule, if there is something wrong with their music player or the audio system at the gym.  Most often gym instructors choose […]

Affecting the Mind

Science behind Music 7 May 2015 | Comments Off on Affecting the Mind

It’s amazing how many different ways a person can affect his or her mind. From simple things like a bit of praise or some harsh words, to more complicated stuff like different types of music, to illegal items like drugs or alcohol (depending on where you live), there are many ways to alter your state […]

The impact of music on routine tasks

Science behind Music 7 February 2015 | Comments Off on The impact of music on routine tasks

I love hearing peppy and vibrant music. I start my day hearing the best of rock and roll. It sticks to me, while I do my morning chores. And it accompanies me on my morning run in the park. If I’m immersed in work, I let a classic melody play in the background, not too […]

Some Science Behind Music

Health,Music,Science behind Music 24 September 2014 | Comments Off on Some Science Behind Music

I see several joggers putting on their headphones, while jogging or walking in the park. The sight of people with headphone working on their computers is also not a new one. This habit of hearing music while you storm through your daily workload is actually beneficial for your brain and your work consequently. Music has […]

Positive Impact of Melody on Your Mood

Health,Music,Science behind Music 31 July 2014 | Comments Off on Positive Impact of Melody on Your Mood

I’d a friend who had a high stress job. Though the job paid well, he couldn’t cope with the stress that accompanied it. Constant deadlines, negotiations and pressure from his bosses all resulted in a complete nervous breakdown for him. I think the way people lead their lives itself is a main cause for stress […]