How music defines a country

Music 10 November 2015 | Comments Off on How music defines a country

Did you ever wonder what would it be like to have a world without music? What would have happened if the world was a tough desert and there was no drop of music to quench our thirst? It is really something to give a thought to. What a disastrous thing it would have been? How dry and lifeless our world would seem? Is not it? Music is a source of life to us. It is a source of inspiration to almost all our work, directly or indirectly. Music motivates us in our day to day life’s work. It stands as the support system that empowers us to move on no matter what happens, no matter what comes our way. It helps us move forward with our life and adds life to our years.

Just food for thought, what would happen if the world had been defined by music? What would have happened if every country round the world has some music or some kind if musical instrument or some genre of music as their national symbol? What if these countries round the world is defined by that music. It would be such a wonder! Countries defined and characterized by music. So, here we are. Let’s take a stroll and find out by putting our little grey cells to work which country would have been fairing if they were musically categorized.


Rock and roll would be the best thing to define this country. The country has always been in the rock and roll. Rocking and rolling the world with something or the other. Be it theories of science or conspiracy theory, the country leads us all. Ever wonder why all the aliens from the entire universe and from other universes always attack the east coast of America. Pity on the statue of liberty, she has to face it all.


Speaking about the statue of liberty, who can forget the beautiful country of France? The city is a beauty to view with all those lovely monuments and works of art. And who can miss the fantastic light and sound at play at the Eifel tower. You can read more about those lights here. The country is just like opera music, full of history and delight. It is a classic in its every aspect. You can love it, hate it but can never ignore it.


India is a land of unity in diversity they say. It is country that is just like classical music. It is like wonderfully lighted palace which has antiques of every taste. It is like the accumulation of all that is uniquely classical and a heritage. The country though is developing very rapidly with all the modern features from both home and abroad, can never let go its old traditional ways of life which are inseparably associated with its soul.

There are be many more examples that you can come up with because as diverse and unique are the nations around the world so is music. Music truly is omnipresent.

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