Mosh Practice

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Mosh PracticeThough some of us are a little old for it now, it’s no secret that punk rock songs, especially songs from The Clash and other popular bands, are able to get people’s blood moving. The music gets their bodies moving too, sometimes right into each other with collisions, concussions and the like. That’s moshing for you. It’s not really something that can be avoided at certain concerts, so if you’re planning on attending a show where you know people will be body slamming each other, it could do you a lot of good to get in some mosh practice before the day of the concert.

Unless you have a bunch of die-hard music fans who share your sense of taste and your willingness to take a body blow, you’re going to first need to come up with some good facsimiles for other people which you can “mosh” with. While they won’t be throwing themselves at you and will be standing mostly still unless you hook something up to make them move, there are a number of good choices for these stand-in “people”. You could use body pillows if you don’t have anything more appropriate handy. They’re a decent size, they have some mass, and they won’t really harm you in a collision.

But if you’re looking for a more realistic moshing experience, there are few options better than grappling dummies if you have the money for them. They’re meant for martial artists who are practicing combat moves, but they work just as well for music fans looking to figure out the best way to get into a crowd of people and then get back out of that crowd without getting hurt too badly. These dummies have the size, shape and mass of a smallish person, and they offer a lot more resistance than something as flimsy as a pillow.

The only thing is finding a good place to source those dummies once you do decide to go with them. You could always check locally, looking at martial arts studios, maybe even some college level gyms; you might be able to find a good deal on some used dummies that way. But if you’re looking for something newer, something under a warranty, you might want to check and read more about them for yourself. They probably have better information about the dummies than we do – we just know they’re good for taking a hit.

Even with good practice though, you still need to plan ahead if you’re going to do some moshing. Taking out any piercings in your nose, eyes, ears, lips and elsewhere on your face as a general rule will inevitably safe you a lot of pain and frustration, not to mention medical bills. Some of those people moshing can get very violent, ripping out earrings, nose rings and lip rings so fast you won’t even be able to track them down in the throng of people around you. Hey, nobody ever said living dangerously didn’t come with the chance of getting hurt, right?

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