Music and Motivation

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Music and Motivation

Do you have a favorite song to listen to when you’re trying to accomplish something, or get some work done by a tough deadline? If you do, you should know that a lot of people share that same quality with you. While different people no doubt prefer different songs, there’s an underlying sentiment here that music can alter people’s mindsets and make them more motivated under the right circumstances. Actually, music has been proven to have all kinds of effects on the way a person perceives the world around himself, or herself. It can improve or worsen a person’s outlook.

The effects of music on the mind are not just limited to the realm of work, either. Many students study better and take in more information when they do it while listening to favorite songs in the background. People fighting for their lives in a battle have been proven again and again to fight just a little bit harder when there’s music supporting them in that fight. Now, we don’t really have bands accompanying marching armies these days, but we don’t really have marching armies anymore either, what with the way war has evolved. That makes this example kind of archaic, but no less poignant.

Music has been proven to push athletes to fight harder, run faster, hold onto a game ball tighter and just give that extra 10{3cbad75626b3b309a4e894946565212f20332b41ad507ee5bcfe2d47d3c50400} that can make a game go well instead of badly. Just think about it. If, while riding your sturdy longboard you happened to hear a song about racing, or rushing from one place to another, would that not make you pedal a bit faster, trying to get to your destination sooner? Some of these changes in attitude happen on a kind of subconscious level, where the listener isn’t even aware they are happening. So, even if you don’t realize it, a song might alter the way you take to a given task.

There are so many studies proving that music has the ability to affect the motivation of a person, there is so much proof gathered already establishing this as a fact, that it would be silly to argue otherwise. Granted, the same songs won’t affect different people in the same way, and there are some people who won’t be affected much at all by any song, but as a general rule, music can indeed improve the listener’s level of motivation and get them working harder, pedaling faster, speaking louder or writing in a more articulate and rhythmic way.

If you need proof you can actually see and feel, then just try listening to something you love when taking on your next big task. You may do this already without any outside encouragement; if you do, then just pay more attention the next time you do. Gauge yourself to see how fast you move without music, then compare it to how fast you move while listening to a favorite song that makes you want to move. It’s just that easy to verify what’s being said here – that music can motivate its listener.

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