Music over guns

Music,Science behind Music 1 December 2015 | Comments Off on Music over guns

Music over gunsThe earth is a wonderful place. It is made up of some really wonderful stuff. Some say that it is the creation of the God almighty who has blessed with the eternal joy of the very existence and the boon of life so that we can enjoy ourselves and the beauty of this world and thus be a part of the very creator, the God Almighty, through his creation. Others say that the world is made out of matter which is again made of molecules which is made of atoms and inside them lies protons, electrons, and neutron and so on. But the very fact that the world is beautiful and unique and full of surprises is something that neither of them could deny. The one thing that ensures the unique beauty of the earth is the existence of the contrast that one could find in every aspect of the nature. We call nature the mother and Mother Nature has in her laps many diverse and contrasting features that awe us all, indifferently.

Diversity is the special characteristic of nature. The existence of day and night, warmth and cool, the sun and the moon, the scorching desert and the green tropical rain forest and many more all are witness to that. The very existence of the life and death is the ultimate proof that nature dwells in contrast.

When the very nature is the dwelling dome of contrast and diversity then how could the fragment and part of the nature, man itself, can be exempted from this unique and beautiful characteristic of nature? Man is born to differ. At every point, on every issue one will always have a different opinion on the topic or a part of the topic as they could not fully agree with anything what so ever. Even man is opposed to his own self many a time, when he is in dilemma or just cannot figure out what to do. Soliloquies anyone? Shakespeare did make a living and a really good name out of those.

Music over gunsGuns and music are the two poles that are something to watch out for. They are both weapons with immense intensity and potential and must be handled with care. But the problem is you just cannot chain away music although there are options of guns safes which you could acquire from places like TopGunSafe.Com where you could safely and securely stack your guns without thinking twice. But, how can you chain music? Melodies and rhythms are made by the nature itself and thus are present in every aspect of it, in every part of it. You can sense their presence in the hills, on the corn fields, in the soothing breeze and in the chilly frost of the north winds. You can take a piece of music from even the call of the cricket. But guns they are though weapons of mass destruction yet one could find a lot of laggings in them. They may kill someone with just a pull of its trigger but there are doubts whether it will change them or make them resent. But music is magic as it heals old wounds and bridges worn out breaches.

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