Who we are

The ClashThis website is dedicated to followers of The Clash. One of the most legendary punk rock bands ever, this website aims to honor the revolution they brought to the music scene.

We are melody devotees. Here you will find anything and everything you need to, and want to know about music. There are discussions and articles about the history of the various genres of music, and even how music helps your brain development. Music is a wonderful thing. A tool for development and relaxation, music is comprehensive and contextual. It depends on who is listening to is, and how they comprehend the complex beats and rhythms blended and mixed to make a simple melody.

This website has something to offer for everyone, including melody maniacs, amateurs, or just music lovers. Hobbyists will also find something or the other that will interest them. Our main aim is to link music and provide easy access to everything you need to and want to know about music. From rock and roll, to R&B to blues, and jazz and classical, and even country, pop, hip hop, dance, soul. You name it, we’ve got it.

Passionate and absolutely in love with everything music, our goal is to make sure you do not feel lost when wanting to know more about your favorite vintage record or band. From the origins of each genre, to the latest and most advanced news you’ll ever get, this site is a one-stop shop for anything even remotely related to music.

We are melody maniacs, and those of you who share the passion know what it feels like.

Since the experience is different for everyone, and the same music will mean different for you and for me, we leave you here, to explore and learn. Music is exciting, and we welcome you to the endless depth of knowledge that music provides.

Stay tuned, and have fun!