Why Rock Stars Love Gardening

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Why Rock Stars Love GardeningBeing a rockstar may mean that you are at home in every club and arena in the world, while maintaining relationships with the rich and beautiful of even the most remote countries; however, it certainly doesn’t mean that you’ve got to choose your hobbies based on a coolness- or the excitement-factor any longer.

Quite the contrary, being an internationally well known superstar of the rock scene allows you to take up whichever hobby you please, without having to resort to the common and boring ones that every other rock star goes for; like collecting expensive sports cars and designer watches that cost even more than said sports cars.

You can choose to be a superb hobby gardener, because, let’s face it, there are plenty of reasons why that would be the best choice for every rock star in the world. Just in case for you these great reasons aren’t as clear as they should be, here are two of the premier reasons why any rock star of your caliber needs to start gardening.

Too many vacant rooms in your mansion

There are only so many purposes that you can assign to all of the rooms in your mansion. After you are done designing the second home theater, that is equipped with more seats than people whose last names you know, maybe it is time that you resort to something a little more fulfilling.

Adding an in indoor garden for some of the prettiest flowers in your basement, on the first, second or third floor will allow you to never have to leave your house again when you want to breathe in some freshly produced oxygen, in between band practices. With the help of the latest grow lights, you won’t even have to pay any more attention to whether the room you would like to dedicate to your new hobby has windows.

Simply use the most expensive grow lights and within weeks you’ll have your own personal jungle somewhere in the midst of your mansion.

A lazy chef and too much space in the backyard

It sounds like a nightmare, not only is the combined space that you have available in your back-, side- and front yard so large that you don’t have the first idea of what to do with, but also is your chef and the leader of your Olympic pool sized kitchen as lazy as can be and simply refuses to drive to the nearby grocery store (even though he’d be allowed to take any one of the Ferraris in the eighteen-car garage of yours).

Luckily, there is a solution for all rockstars like you who are currently through these two problems. Build a (or two or three…) green house in your backyard! It will provide your lazy chef with as more garlic, thyme and basil than he can handle; at least when not using cheap grow lights.

But let’s face it with as much money as you have as one of the premier stars in the rock (and now gardening) scene, there shouldn’t be a problem for you to get the cutting edge technology that you, your lazy chef and your herbs deserve.

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